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Alabama Family Rights Association

PRESERVE children and parent's fundamental rights;

PROMOTE equal parenting times with each parent;

PROTECT children from being placed at risk.


To support change to the Alabama child custody law, enacted in 1852, to guarantee that no child is put at risk. All children have a fundamental right to each fit parent regardless of the parents marital status.

ALFRA is an association of action that works to educate others about the Alabama family law judicial system.

We place an emphasis on families and supports children have the involvement of both parents active in their lives, although the parents are no longer living together.

ALFRA advocates safeguarding constitutional rights of children and parents, and supports change to the 1852 child custody law, which creditable research indicates places a negative impact upon all of society.

Our members only area is accessible with a tax deducible membership fee of $25 per year. Any contribution amount will be used to help reform Alabama family law.



Click the above link for more information about making a tax deductible donation to help with legal costs for an appeal to the US Supreme Court challenging Alabama's judicial rule the McLendon Standard as unconstitutional.

Alabama Governor Bentley's Parental Alienation Awareness Proclamation Signing Ceremony April 22, 2015

Back row, Left to Right: Kenneth Paschal,  Director of Governmental Affairs ALFRA, Retired U.S. First Sergeant; Steven Kneussle,  ALFRA Membership Chairman and airline pilot; Rev. Anderson Graves II, Pastor in the Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church, and Executive Director of SAYNO, Inc.; Coni Fievet-Crawford; Founder, President Facing Forward; helping women become Victors over domestic violence; Cynthia Frazier; Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW), Juvenile Probation Officer; Karen Jones, CEO Whom It Concerns Inc..

Front row, Left to Right: Mama Lois, Ninety-five (95) years old great grandmother;  Sadie, age 8 and Desi, age 11, Mr. Kneussle's daughters, and Omar, age 4, Ms. Jones Nephew.
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